Peer2Peer Mentoring: These groups are to help those with PTSD to speak about their issues with others who deal with the same issues. In these groups you learn of resources and other coping skills to help you through.

Equine Therapy: Our equine therapy is performed by stable Hands Equine, they have been performing equine therapy for over three years. They specialize in veteran in first responder private sessions

Caregiver and Spouse Awareness group: Our groups help educate and teach awareness of PTSD triggers. It also assist in learning new ways to cope and understand what their love deals with each day.

Welcoming Home our Heroes: When a family member reaches out to us about a love one returning home from duty or home on leave, we greet them with a Heroes Welcoming.

IGY6 Holiday program: Assisting Veteran and First Responder families during the Holiday season

The launch of our Equine Therapy

PTSD Awareness Summit Riders: Info to come in 2022